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One (1) Pro-Level "Total-Person" Hiring Assessment plus Job Fit Consulting. Research has shown that using Interviews and Background information alone result in the right hiring decision only about 25% of the time. We increase those odds by up to 3x by including objective data from a professional-quality hiring assessment. For either internal or external job candidates, this hiring-validated assessment provides the objective data you need to help make a great hiring decision. Our ultimate objective is to ensure you have objective data to help you make a great people decision. We manage the assessment for you, and work with you to ensure we are properly measuring Job Fit for your candidate(s). Buy with confidence. This Assessment is from Wiley Profiles International, the world's leading provider of hiring-validated assessment instruments. At Price Leadership Group, we are certified implementation experts in these professional-quality tools.

Professional Hiring Assessment -- Total-Person

  • After purchase, we will schedule the assessment for your candidate(s). The online assessment takes about 65-70 minutes to complete.

    We will consult with you to determine the most appropriate Performance Model we will use for measuring the Job Fit of your candidate(s).

    After assessment completion, we will review the assessment results with you, highlighting key areas for further exploration in the final stages of your selection process.

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